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Canon printer troubleshooting Guide
Steps to Follow When “No Paper” Error Occurs:
When the paper doesn’t feed nicely, you need to recall the underneath-cited steps.
Check whether or no longer the paper is loaded or not.
While loading the sheets of paper, make certain you align them efficaciously and the paper stack shouldn’t exceed the load restrict.
When you're loading paper, load it in portrait orientation (regardless of the printing orientation).
Next, you have to make certain that the paper isn't too or curled.
Also, confirm the media type and paper length settings. There shouldn’t be any remote places objects within the rear tray.
Ink Is Not Rejected:
Check whether or not the FINE cartridge set up properly.
When it runs out of ink, replace the FINE Cartridge with a brand new one.
Check whether or not or not the print head nozzles clogged.
Canon printer troubleshooting Guide

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