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Download Link:
(09-28-2019, 08:00 PM)Syed HK Wrote: TP.MS358.PB801 FIRMWARE FREE DOWNLOAD HERE:

Download Link:

remote not working.  Confused
try universal remote
Dear Sir,

I am in deep trouble... I lost my LED software damaged now I  downloaded so may time but didn't successfully completed my update. Sir my  board is Model is: TP.MS358.PB801 and software version was : msd358_4G_512M_AS_ref30.bin. kindly just send me a link or let me know how to repair my LED 40 inch.

If any memeber can guide me I will appreciate

my email is:


Dear download from the given link. and how to download watch video on the homepage of the website
Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your kind reply... Sorry I didnt explain what I am facing... Actually I was a fully working LED TV having Board model is : TP.MS358.PB801 and through code 1147 I have taken a snapshot showing Board Model and Software : msd358_4G_512M_AS_ref30.bin. In my LED TV there was no google play store so I was thinking to update its firmware and I have downloaded TP.MS358.PB801_4G_512M_REF60.Part1 to Part5 from this site. How to download is not any issue to me.. Unzip sucessfully and copy the files in USB and put in LED and Power ON after some seconds start updating showing blinking and on completing the red light blinking past. after that I plug out USB and start LED and that is my LED latest stage which I am asking... Now my LED firmware is damaged. when I turn it on for a second it display wisdom share and then a blank screen. I tried the first software as well i.e TP.MS358.PB801_4G_512M_REF64.part1 to part5 but that not showing fast blinking that shows completion of firmware... is there any firmware available besides these two firmwares availabe at this side.

Kindly guide me Sir what you recomend..Do you have any availablity at Islamabad/Rawalpindi or any contact person?

Dear I think board version is different. so better to visit local technician
Thank you sir... I respect you alot.. Masha Allah you are a great person.. thank you for your prompt reply... Sir I need to ask you one question... can we update firmware through USB (so far not sucessful) or RT809F programmer ?
no need to update. just load firmware in case of tv out of order. for android versions we use rt809h. otherwise, USB boot is easy
I just order RT809F programmer... and you are guiding to use RT809H... Please confirm me will it work RT809F? or cancel my order.. Please..... further I will not disturb you... Thanks Alllah apko bohot sari khushia de... Ameeen

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