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5 problems with swimming pool pumps
(1) Swimming water pump does not start There are several possible explanations why your water pump cannot start. Remember an old saying: "The problem lies in the death of the power supply". First, make sure that the power is to make the pump. Check that any sub-panel equipment from all circuit breakers in the house is powered from. Check all the time, clock and automation controls to ensure correct settings. You can even listen if you hear a circuit breaker tripping, if the power supply or motor is humming. If you are familiar with the comfort of using the electric tester, you can finish by removing the terminal of the motor cover. The circuit board and wiring were in good condition. Once confirmed that the power is transferred to the motor, we can deduce that the problem lies with the pump internally. The motor can be checked, the capacitor is broken or the wire at the back of the motor can be disconnected or short-circuited. Normally, this problem is a bad capacitor. If the motor shaft rotates freely, we can assume that the capacitor does not store enough energy to start the pump. If there is no rotating shaft inside the motor or seizure is restricted by the pump component. You can get the motor from the pump to see if this will release the shaft. If so, the problem lies in the housing inside the pump. Check for warping or deformation or cracking of the impeller, diffusion or volute. The capacitor battery basically jumps quickly to start the motor speed up to 3450. You can test the capacitor and an ohmmeter to determine its storage capacity. If the motor will receive power from the pump and not "turn over", the pump motor may be confiscated. Bearings and windings can hold and prevent rust, especially if they are not used for a long time. The seized will try to start the motor, causing a buzzing or humming sound, and eventually, usually the circuit breaker trips. The solution is to get the back wrench of the shaft, switch on the centrifugal switch, and move the shaft back and forth many times to break the rusty bond. Sometimes it takes 5-10 minutes to release it. If it still fails to start, rotates freely with the shaft, and the capacitor is good, then you may already have internal windings, which usually means that a new pump motor is short-circuited.
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