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Tiger T3000 extra stop on Loading
Dear Kazmi Sahib,
I have tiger T3000 Extra which stop during electricity Jerk damage DC Adopter.
1. I change other Dc adopter 12 volt. and start the box on but it stopped on logo boot.
2. I upgrade it with PC with hiTool, process completed successfully.
3. I put the USB using software with " Romupdate.bin ".
4. I power on the box. After logo boots It start with message  "  USB service has stop.  Close the App "
5. I think its touch not working Or it data cable beteen Touch panel and receiver is broken or damage .
6. Usb will not boot until touch button of Power work.   
    please guide me Or it maintenece
    If I put out the USB from Box. Then I receive message "  Demux Init failed "
     Please How can I upgrade software using Touch button of Power to work
main chip may be affected by a jerk or memory ic
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