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BD_TP_MS338_PB801_A10 soft bricked need help
I had some issues with the previous firmware, it had some bloat and was slow and some apps like aptoide tv didn't want to work even after successfully being installed

So, I thought I would reinstall the firmware and maybe that would fix some of the issues and so I went into the service menu with MENU+1147 and checked the upgrade name it was

allupgrade_msd338_4G_ref56 and my panel is 1920x1080 so I downloaded this version of the firmware and used my pendrive to load it up TP.MS338.PB801_1920x1080_4G_REF56

It upgraded successfully but the picture was upside down and my remote no longer was working, I fixed the picture on the service menu again using zaza remote app on my phone but since

my remote still wasn't working I thought maybe a different version of the firmware would solve this issue and so I searched for CVTE_MSD338_512M as that was what was shown in the
cvte.prop file which was in the previous firmware's system.img which I extracted using MStarBinTool-GUI

I found this version of the firmware MSD338STV5.0_1920x1080_512M_4G_USB and I thought this maybe the correct firmware to flash and so I downloaded this and flashed it the same

way I flashed the previous firmware but this one didn't have any mboot.bin or rom_emmc_boot.bin in the file so I thought it wasn't necessary for this one and the file name was messi.bin so I
renamed it to allupgrade_msd338_4G_sos to install it

After it upgraded to 100% it showed system update failed and when I turned off the tv and started it again the tv turns on with a click sound, the indicator red light turns on but the tv
instantly turns off even before anything shows on the screen within 5 seconds of turning on with the same click sound

Currently it's the same and no matter how I've tried reinstalling the previous successful firmware it just isn't letting me install it and keeps turning off right after turning on

What should I do now in this situation? please help

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