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Firmware CV538H-A
Greetings to all members of the forum,
I have a TV Elite with the following characteristics:
Motherboard CV538H-A;
Panel HV490QUB-N8A 
The problem with the TV is the following, it won't load Youtube, the software can't update, the buttons on the remote control react slowly ...
I would be very grateful if someone would send me the latest version of the software for this TV or give instructions on where to find it.
Thank you
dear updates not available for Chinese boards, install smart youtube app separately
I tried to install Youtube older and newer versions but it just doesn't work.
I realized there are no updates for this board.
Is there any other software that is compatible with this TV configuration?
Thank you
install aptoid tv app
(12-29-2021, 08:08 AM)Azhar Kazmi Wrote: install aptoid tv app

Thanks for the help, it's all tried and tested. Installation with USB, Aptoid tv, Google play and I always get the same result.
Then change software
I want to replace the software, so I am asking for help on this Forum. I need help finding software that fits my configuration. Unfortunately I haven't found anything yet.
Thank you
(12-31-2021, 08:21 AM)Azhar Kazmi Wrote:

Thank you,
Just one more question, (Blaupunkt, FujiCom, Smartbook, ENOX ...) which files should I download for my TV?
you can load any according to your panel specifications and mainboard ram/rom.

remote may not work. then go for the remote which firmware you choose

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