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Starsat Hyper 2000 reboot issue after software with ch321a
Salam brother

I have Starsat hyper 2000 receiver, I am facing reboot issue. 
Receiver start with boot when it reaches ON condition it reboot again.
i have tried by changing flash IC and uploaded different software.
but problem is still same.
Kindly help.

dear change power supply and check
kazmi sahab i have changed power supply. it didnt work.
please any other tip.

before replacing flash ic it was not uploading software from bootloader.
now it is updating software from bootloader, in some software it hangs and in some it keeps restarting.
Dear I have also checked voltages as per your video all voltages at every stage are ok.
Then it is hard to troubleshoot. it may be dusty or dry. also try to cut 12v supply to LNB section and check

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