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Boot error - Hamana88 - 11-26-2019

Hello, i have starsat 2200hd extreme receiver shows only boot massage on it's front display and on the screen nothing shown, Can i get the solution of this problem?

RE: Boot error - Azhar Kazmi - 11-26-2019

Dear what is the reason???

wrong software or electricity jerk etc???

RE: Boot error - Hamana88 - 11-27-2019

This problem caused by electricity jerk.

RE: Boot error - Azhar Kazmi - 11-27-2019

then hardware issue. in most cases the main ic became short

RE: Boot error - Hamana88 - 11-28-2019

Is it possible to change the main ic?

RE: Boot error - aplkdu - 11-28-2019

Yes it is possible if you have the spare.

better to first visit local technician

RE: Boot error - Hamana88 - 11-28-2019

Okay thanks.

RE: Boot error - Hamana88 - 12-10-2019

Hello, today i have got the problem of power failure while i was upgrading my box starsat 2200hd extreme since then i try to boot it by usb but doesn't identify any file from flash, Can i get the flash tool and upgrade file for starsar 2200hd extreme please?

RE: Boot error - Azhar Kazmi - 12-11-2019

now it can be recovered by RS232 or Flash Tool (Programmer)

RE: Boot error - Hamana88 - 12-22-2019

I have RS 232 cable but i failed to get it's flash tool and upgrade file please help me i'm still trying to find it so i just request you if you have please you can just send it.