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Edifier XM6 – Multimedia 2.1 Speakers - umar farooq - 10-05-2019

[img]Edifier XM6 – Multimedia 2.1 Speakers[/img][Image: edifire.png] [b]Exquisitely Designed Satellites:[/b]

In a 2.1 sound system, the satellite speakers are just as important as the subwoofer included. The satellites of the XM6BT house 3-inch woofer mid-range units and 10mm treble units. The satellite produces a power output of 12W each totalling to a total power of 24W. The satellites packaged with the XM6BT upgrades not only your sound but your style. https://gigashop.pk/wp-admin/upload.php

Edifier XM6 – Multimedia 2 1 Speakers - CharlesJuddy - 08-29-2020

they are the ones next to the seat. just subs, no tweeters., but if you have a full system on low usage working speakers, id be interested. PM me w/ a price.

RE: Edifier XM6 – Multimedia 2.1 Speakers - austin - 10-29-2020

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