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Full Version: Square Enix Announces Large Ban For FFXIV Accounts for Money Trading
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MMOs and selling gold; Despite all efforts of the developers, this combination is still a big problem. Developers always find it difficult to afford obstacles, and users have difficulty avoiding them.

This is evident in Final Fantasy XIV, an MMO that brings the fantastic world of Final Fantasy to a large number of users around the world, and is made even more serious by the fact that Final Fantasy XIV can be played for free. until the current Paradise expansion.

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This means you can easily sink your teeth into hundreds of classic fantasy RPG worlds without spending a cent.

As far as we know, this tends to lower the entry barrier for newbies or bad actors: it's easier for them to sign up for a free account and continue to promote their services in global chats. All in all, the message from these users usually sounds a bit hollow: at best, they receive a warning that a wrong message is a punishable offence, and never hear from them again.

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However, on November 19, 2020 Square Enix announced that they would finally bring the hammer to those users who were willing to exchange their real money for the game currency Gil. It is believed that these gold farms originated from Chinese prison camps where prisoners were forced to wake up without interruption and play MMOs in the hope that prison would bring in another income.

Beyond that, buy ffxiv Gil doesn't help much: you have to be a 2LT in Grand Company before you can buy a house (a huge gold purse in the title), and no matter where you are, you will probably be farming resources that will raise the level of craftsmen.

Regardless, Square Enix announced that it has cancelled 2,914 accounts participating in real money transactions (commonly known as RMT) and 378 promoted RMT accounts in game over an 11-day period (November 12-18).

Square Enix encourages users to continue to report in-game chats that advertise the purchase of gold services and they reaffirm their interest in ensuring that as few platforms as possible are made available to RMT participants.

It ensures fair play for all and can help ensure that certain countries do not force contracting countries to benefit from the digital currency.

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In the meantime, Square Enix has been working hard on the upcoming 5.4 patch for Shadowbringers called "Future Rewriting" and has just launched a special website to give users a brief overview of the upcoming changes.