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Full Version: Tips on How to Match a Phone Number to a Person and Track Down Anyone
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Do you need to know how to match a phone number to a person or to a name? Maybe you have been receiving unwanted phone calls, prank calls or maybe you found a suspicious number on your spouse's number and you need to look up the address and name of the owner of the said telephone number.
There are millions of reasons as to why any one would want match a phone number to a person. Luckily, matching a phone number to a person or to the name of the owner isn't half as hard as it used to be in the past. buy mobile database

These days, there are so many reverse phone lookup directories that will give you the details of the owner of a particular number for free provided the said number is a listed land line number. The top among these reverse phone lookup directories is whitepages.com while yellowpages.com is the directory you should consider using when try to match a listed business phone number to a business name.
However, these two directories will not work if the said number is a mobile or an unlisted phone number. Looking up unlisted or mobile number on free directories will amount to nothing as these numbers are classified as private properties and are not listed as public domain materials as the government is under obligation to protect the rights of their owners.
So what should do when you want to match a phone number to a person but the said number happens to be a mobile or an unlisted number?
You can research the number on Google to see if something interesting comes up but 9 out 10, using Google will only waste your time as there is no guarantee that the owner of the said number has ever listed his or her number any where on the internet.