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Full Version: Rs 232 port
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Sir, I have a problem in inserting the Rs 232 port in MM3_SU1506G_DSZ_V1.1 board. RS 232 port has 4 holes.
dear four points for:


Don't use vcc
Sir, I have got that Rs 232 port from a normal Setellite receive. But it cant plug in MM3_SU1506G receiver board.

My receiver became dead after wrong flashing and now it is not recovered through USB. It only showing red light. I tried to flash it through Rs 232 port but port not inserting in its MM3_SU1506G board.
use wires instead of rs232 connector and share the board picture also
It has board of 1506g receiver and it has no Rs 232
HDMI aur AV port k darmian jo jack hy woh rs232 k liey hoga
Sir, I have tried in that. It has 3 pins and the Rs 232 port plug has 4 holes and that's why rs 232 plug not inserted into that port on board.
you have the old rs232 connector new has three wires only
Sir, Rs 232 has 3 wires going in plug but plug hasĀ 4 holes...
watch some video on youtube and get idea