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Full Version: Solar Setting Values For 48V PWM Charge Controller
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Solar Setting Values For 48V PWM Charge Controller


HV (High Volt) : 56.0V (Solar Cut Off )

LV (Low Volt) : 52.0V (Solar Charge Start)

HA (High Ampere) : 20.0

LA (Low Ampere) : 03.0 (Minimum Solar Ampere for Wapda Mains Off)

Float : 54.5 (If battery is full then Float Charge will active)


HV (High Volt) : 54.0V (Wapda will be Off if Solar Ampere are more than Low Ampere Setting )

LV (Low Volt) : 48.0V (Wapda On at Low Battery)
ECO-WORTHY 20A Solar Charge Controller Auto 12V 24V LCD Intelligent Solar Panel Battery Regulator with Dual USB Port and Temperature Compensation
I bought if off amazon and I believe I bought the same that was sold with the suitcase solar panels
the reason I bought the suitcase was for its simplicity it had the built in controller and all you do it clip it on the battery ?