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Full Version: IC Equivalents
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77002 24C16
24C01 3132
24C01 4C016
24C01 85C72
24C01 D6253
24C01 KKZ06F
24C01 SDE2516
24C02 85C82
24C02 GRM003
24C02 GRS003
24C02 GRX003
24C02 SDE2526
24C04 85C94
24C04 D6254
24C04 GRM005
24C04 GRM008
24C04 GRN004
24C04 GRN007
24C04 GRN008
24C04 GRX006
24C08 GRN009
24C16 77002
35C102 AT93C57
35C102 S-29230A
35C102 S-29231A
59C11 MSM16911
7002MN010 93C06
85C72A BAW574252
85C72A GI8752
85C72A PCD8572
85C82A BAW658049
85C82A GI8819
93C06 9313
93C06 6005L
93C06 T46E
93C46 9314
93C46 AM162512
93C46 GRN001
93C46 GRN002
93C46 GRO001
93C46 GRO002
93C46 KKZ01
93C46 S2914
93C56 S220
AN1358 MC1458
AN1555 NE555 555 TIMER
AN252 AN7140
AN5151 KA2915
AN5151N KA2915
AN5410 AN5411
AN5512 KA2131
AN5515 AN5521
AN5515 DBL2004
AN5515 DBL2004C
AN6610 TDA1151
AN6884 BA6124
AN6884 KA2284
AN6884 KIA6966
AN6884 KIA6966S
AN6884 LB1403
AN7108 CXA1034
AN7108 CXA1034P
AN7108 KA22132
AN7112E KA2212
AN7112E LA4140
AN7112E TA7313AP
AN7145 AN7146
AN7145M AN7146
AN7146M AN7145M
AN7147 AN7149
AN7147N AN7149
AN7148 AN7147
AN7149 AN7147N
AN7158 AN7166
AN7168 AN7169
AN7171NK AN7173NK
AN7178 AN7169
AN7205 KA22495
AN7205 KA22495
AN7205 KIA6058S
AN7205 KIA6058S
AN7205 LA1185
AN7205 LA1185
AN7205 TA7358AP
AN7205 TA7358P
AN7213 KA2249
AN7310 AN7311
AN7310 KIA6225
AN7410N BA1310
AN7410N KA2211
AN7410N KA2261
AN7410N LA3161
AN7410N LA3361
AN7410N M5152L
AN7410N TA7375P
AN7420 AN7343AP
B4422 LA1186N
BA10358 LM358
BA1330 AN7410N
BA1332 BA1320
BA1332 BA1330
BA15218 LM1458
BA15532 LM1458
BA328 KA2211
BA328 LA3161
BA328 M51521L
BA328 TA7375P
BA3310N KA22241
BA3321N KA22242
BA3822LS KA22234
BA3910B BA3918
BA3918 BA3910
BA5102A KA2983
BA526 BA527
BA527 KIA6278S
BA536 BA5406
BA5402A BA5406
BA5406 BA536
BA5406 BA5402
BA5406 KIA6283K
BA6109 BA6209
BA6124 AN6684
BA6124 BA6884
BA6124 KA2284
BA6124 KIA6966S
BA6124 LB1403
BA6209 KA8301
BA6209A KA9257
BA6238A KA8305
BA6239A BA6247
BA6247 BA6338
BA6411 KA8304
CA1190 TDA1190Z
CD7267GP LA7267
CXA1019S CXA1619BS
CXA1082A KA8309
CXA1191M CXA1691BM
CXA1191S CXA1691BS
CXA1238M CXA1538M
CXA1238S CXA1538S
CXK1011 PDG011
DBL1009 TA7343AP
DBL1010 TA7325P
DBL1011 TA7640AP
DBL1013 AN7213
DBL1016 AN6884
DBL1017 LA1185
DBL1018 BA4110
DBL1019 LA1135
DBL1021 LB1216
DBL1026 AN7410N
DBL1027 LA3220
DBL1032D TDA2004
DBL1032D TDA2005R
DBL1034 LA4550
DBL1035 LA3376
DBL1045 TA7705P
DBL1046 LA3600
DBL1052 TA7303P
DBL1054 LA1145
DBL1135 LA1135
DBL2002 TA7680AP
DBL2003 TA7698AP
DBL2004C AN5515
DBL2009 HA11235
DBL2018C TA7288P
DBL2020 CXA20106A
DBL2028 TA7644P
DBL2029 TDA4940
DBL2054D TDA1675A
DBL2056 LM1203N
DE52B33 28C64
DM133 TDA2005
DW167MN04 C69545Y
DW167MN05 C69551Y
EAEX002 GR90RM013
ER1400 M58657
ER1400 M5G1400
ER1400E M58657P
FA5311 KA7552
GL1150 TDA2005R
GL1151 KA2138
GL1151 LA7851
GL1161 LM1203N
GL1162 LM1205N
GL3101A HA11440
GL3120 AN7520N
GL3120 LA6520
GL3230 TA7630P
GL3274 CXA20106A
GL3810 TEA1014
GL3816 LA7016
GL3820 TEA2014A
GL5529 M51162P
GL6840A LS1240A
GL7445 BA6209
GL7445 KA8103
GL7445 LB1645
GL7445 TA7291P
GL8905 TDA4605
GM3043 UPD1943G
GR90RM013 EAEX002
GRN001 93C46
GRN002 93C46
HA1127 TBA331
HA11489 U4647B
HA11498 U4647BPCB
HA12003 MC1310P
HA1301 HA13001
HA13150A HA13151
HA13152 HA13151
HA1350 HA1397
HA3108 HA13108
IX0002CE TA7063
IX0004CE TA7074
IX0017CE LA1365
IX0017TAZ KA2120
IX0018CE TA7176AP
IX0020CE LA1364
IX0023CE AN260
IX0024CE TA7102
IX0025CE UPC562
IX0031 TA7141
IX0034CE TA7170
IX0035 TA7069
IX0037CE UPC574
IX0038CE HA1184
IX0038CE LA1365
IX0042CE TA7069
IX0043CE LA1365
IX0047CE HA11112
IX0048CE HA11113
IX0053CE UPC1009
IX0054CE UPC575
IX0065CE HA11235
IX0069CE CD4001B
IX0072CE CD40011
IX0087CE LB1405
IX0091CE TA7611
IX0092CE TA7611
IX0092CE TDA2540
IX0094CE TA7609P
IX0101TA AN5265
IX0109CE TA7193
IX0111CE UA7805
IX0113 TA7611
IX011638 TDA8170
IX0121CE TA7670AP
IX0178CE TDA3570
IX0199CE UPD1987
IX0211CE M51355P
IX0212CE TA7670AP
IX0213CE UPC1382
IX0214CE TA7630AP
IX0215CE UPC1365
IX0223CE TA7680AP
IX0224CE TA7681
IX0225CE LA4440
IX0226CE M51397AP
IX0226GEZZ M50754-113SP
IX0238CE UPC1378
IX0243CEZZ LA7802
IX0250C LA4422
IX0252CE TA7611
IX0256 STR4090A
IX0260CE LA7910
IX0274CE STR5015
IX0275CE KA2914
IX0275CE TA7680AP
IX0292CE TA7611
IX0308C STK7310
IX0325CE STK7308
IX0343GEXX M50964
IX0400GE M50964-82SP
IX0406 UPC1403
IX0437CE TA7129
IX0448CE LA3350
IX0449CE UPC1253H2
IX0450CE AN5352
IX0465 STR40090
IX0465CEZZ STR40090
IX0499CE UPC1253H2
IX0600CE TA7777N
IX0601 TDA4501
IX0602 TDA4501
IX0606 STK7358
IX0614CEZZ CX20106A
IX0638CE UA7805
IX0640 LA7830
IX0640CE AN5515
IX0689 STK7359
IX0711 M51346AP
IX0715 M58655P
IX0715CEZZ M58655P
IX0928 TDA3562
IX0943CE LA4270
IX0948CE AN5521
IX0969 TA8659
IX0975CE SAA5231
IX1007A LA3350
IX1012AF UPC577
IX1013AF UPC566
IX1014CE HA12003
IX1030AF HA1151
IX1032AF HA1151
IX1038AF TC5081P
IX1039AF TC5082P
IX1053AF HA1196
IX1068AF TA7310
IX1070AF TA7205
IX1073AF UPD861
IX1077CE TA8654
IX1078CE TA8601BN
IX1086CE AN7218
IX1089A STK082
IX1112CE STK4121
IX1116AF BA328
IX1118 STR5441
IX1118CE STRD5441
IX1121CE AN278
IX1124CE TA8403K
IX1135CE LA4260
IX1148CE STRD5441
IX1152BM TEA2164
IX1153BM TEA2029C
IX1157BM TDA8451
IX1158BM TDA8452
IX1159BM TDA8390
IX1162BM TDA8153
IX1163BM TDA8170
IX1184BM UA7805
IX1185BM UA7812
IX1190CE TA8680N
IX1207CE TDA3566
IX1208CE TDA8305
IX1291 STK73408
IX1400 TDA1514
IX1401 TDA8440
IX1413 TDA8175
IX1420 TEA5170
IX1424 TEA1039
IX1434 TEA2261
IX1705CE LA7670
IX1712CE TA8680N
IX1791CE STK73907T
IX1828 LA7680
IX2154 LA7670
IX225CE LA4440
IX2701CE TA1201BN
IX3253BN TA1268N
IX5109 KA2151
KA1222 LA3160
KA1222 M51521L
KA1222 MB3105
KA2102A UPC1353
KA2107 AN5836
KA2130A LA1385
KA2130A TA7242
KA2130A UPC1031H2
KA2131 AN5512
KA2133 UPC1379C
KA2133A UPC1379
KA2135 AN5790
KA2136 TDA1170N
KA2138 GL1151
KA2138 LA7851
KA2151 TA7193P
KA2154 TA7698
KA2201 TBA820
KA2206 LA4192
KA22062 KIA6283K
KA22062 TA7283AP
KA22065 TA8207K
KA2206B LA4180
KA2206B LA4555
KA2206N LA4183
KA2206N TEA2025B
KA2209 TDA2822M
KA2210 LA4445
KA2212 AN7112
KA2212 LA4140
KA2212 TA7313P
KA2213 LA4160
KA22134 TA8119
KA22135 LAG637D
KA2214 UPC1263C
KA2220STJ BA333
KA2220STJ LA3210
KA2220STJ TA7137
KA2221 BA328
KA2221 LA3161
KA2221 M51521L
KA2221 TA7375P
KA2223 LA3600
KA2223 M5226P
KA2223 TA7796P
KA22235 BA3218L
KA22241 BA3308
KA22241 M51544L
KA22242 BA3312N
KA2224B LA3220
KA22421 TA7641BP
KA22427C KA22424
KA22427C TA7613
KA22427C TDA1083
KA2243 HA12413
KA2247 BA4260
KA2247 LA1260
KA22471 TA7640AP
KA2250 TC9153
KA2261 AN7410
KA2261 BA1330
KA2261 LA3361
KA2261 TA7604
KA2263 AN7420
KA2263 TA7343AP
KA2281 TA7666
KA2284A TA7687P
KA2285 BA6137
KA2287 BA6125
KA22900 LA1810K
KA2292 TA8167
KA2402 LA5521D
KA2407 AN6651
KA2410 CS8204
KA2410 ML8204
KA2411 ML8205
KA2911 TA7607AP
KA2912 UPC1366
KA2912 UPC1366C
KA2913A TA7678
KA2913A UPC1414
KA2914A DBL2002
KA2914A TA7680
KA2915 AN5151
KA2919 LA7520
KA2944 HA11744
KA2945 HA11745
KA2983 BA5102
KA2983 BA5102AP
KA2988 UPC1536
KA3361 MC3361
KA34063A MC34063
KA386 L386
KA7226 TA7658P
KA7500B TL494
KA8301 BA6209
KA8302 TA7617S
KA8304 BA6411
KA8306 TA7288P
KA8310 M51721ATL
KA8321 KA8321Q
KA8401 BA7751ALS
KA9256 TA7256P
KIA6043S AN7420
KIA6058S LA1185
KIA6205 TA8205
KIA6210AH TA8210AH
KIA6213S LA4140
KIA6216 TA8215H
KIA6220 TA8220H
KIA6225 LA3161
KIA6225S AN7310
KIA6250H TA7250BP
KIA6268P TA7668BP
KIA6269P TEA2025B
KIA6276S TA7376P
KIA6278 TA7368P
KIA6280H AN7310
KIA6282K TA7282
KIA6283K BA5406
KIA6283K KIA7283
KIA6283K TA7283
KIA6930 TA7630P
KIA7217AP TA7217P
KIA7227CP TA7227
KIA7358AP LA1185
KIA8125 LA3161
KIA8207K TA8207K
KIA8210AH TA8210AH
KS5805A L40992
KS5805A MK50992
KS5805A T40992
KS5805B LR40993
KS5805B MK50993
KS5805B T40993
KS5851 UM5851
KS58C20N LC7360
KS58C20N UM91210
L293B LM18293
L298N LM18298
L3240 LS1240A
LA1140 BA4110
LA1140 KA22441
LA1461 LA7800
LA1810 KA2290
LA1815 AN7205
LA1815 KA22495
LA1815 TA7358AP
LA3110 MC1458N
LA3160 KA7222
LA3160 M51521
LA3161 BA328
LA3161 KA2221
LA3161 TA7375P
LA3190 LA3246
LA3210 BA333
LA3210 KA2221
LA3210 TA7375P
LA3220 TA7658P
LA3361 AN7410
LA3361 BA1330
LA3361 HA11227
LA3361 KA2261
LA3361 TA7604
LA3381 LA3401
LA4030 LA4260
LA4101 LA4102
LA4140 AN7112
LA4140 KA2212
LA4140 TA7313
LA4145 LA4146
LA4160 KA2213
LA4180 KA2206
LA4183 KA2206
LA4183 LA4182
LA4183 TEA2025
LA4190 LA4192
LA4210 LA4265
LA4400 LA4445
LA4430 LA4420
LA4445 KA2210
LA4461N LA4460NREV
LA4466 LA4465REV
LA4470 LA4490
LA4476 LA4498
LA4476 LA4496
LA4496 LA4495REV
LA4498 LA4497REV
LA4500 LA4505
LA4550 LA4555
LA5562 LA5527
LA6324 LM324
LA7031 LA7323
LA7124 LA7123
LA7320 KA8112
LA7323 KA8113
LA7390 LA7347
LA7480 LA7391A
LA7520N GL3120
LA7520N KA2919
LA7530N KA2923
LA7830 IX0640CE
LA7830 TA8427K
LA7835 LA7836
LC8992 LC89925
LM1203N LM1203AN
LM1307 UA758N
LM1310 MC1310P
LM1800N UA758N
LM337T KA337
LM337T LM137
LM337T LM237
LM358S LA6358S
M37102M8-C42SP MZ2-V1.1
M37211M2-505SP QSMQBOSMB-031
M38123M4-053SP QSMQAOSMB-032
M51397AP IX0226CE
M51721SL KA8310
M51995P M51995AP
M5220P MC1458N
M5226 LA3600
M52440ASP KA8311
M58C658P M58658P
M6M80011AP S-20453A
M6M80011AP S-29355A
M6M80021P S-29355A
M6M80021P S-29453A
M705 M705B1
MAB8049 UPD8049
MAB8051 SAB8051
MAB8440PD032 XFMK6001
MAB8441 TX1767
MB3713 MB3712REV
MB3730 MB3732
MB3752 UA723
MB47358 LM358N
MC1307P SN761105
MC1309P MC1310
MC13309 TA8215H
MC2833P KA8508
MC3359P NJM3359
MC3361BC KA3361
MC3361BC LM3361
MC3362P KA8509
MC34001P TL071CN
MC34002P TL072
MC34004P TL074
MC34182 TL062CN
MC3470AP NJM3470
MC44000P MC44001P
MDA11044 TDA1044
MK5992 KS5805A
MN3004 TDA2104
MN3007 TDA2107
NE542N LM387N
NE545 LM1011
NE545 NE645
NE545 NE650
NE5532P BA15532
NE5532P KA5532
NE5532P NJM5532
NE5532P SE5532
NJM072D TL072
NJM2352D JRC2352
NMC9306 7002MN010
NMC9306 ER59256
NMC9306 ST61907
OEC0012B HD614042SF70
OEC6014A OEC6014C
PA3002 HA1397
PA3005 HA1384
PA3027A HA13150A
PA3029 HA13151
PA3029A HA13151
PA3029B HA13151
PAL002A TDA7394
PAL003A TDA7384
PA 007 TDA7560
PAU001A HA13150A
PC817 TLP621
PCA84C444P504 CTB222S
S-2100R P2100R
S-24S30 S-24H30
SAA5231 SDA5231
SAF1031P SAF1039P
SDA2506 SDA2116
SDA2506 SDE2506
SDA2526-5 C2402N
SDA3202-3 TSA5511
SDA3302-5X TSA5511AT
SDA3412 TSA5511
SDH209B JS8077
SIM107 C68207Y
SIM107 C68225Y
STK0070 STK0080
STK085 STK086
STK1060 STK1070
STK400-030 STK400-040
STK4024 STK4026
STK4030 STK4040
STK407-070 STK407-090
STK4143MK2 STK4151MK2
STK4143MK2 STK4161MK2
STK4143MK2 STK4171MK2
STK4301 STK4311
STK437 STK439
STK730-060 STK730-080
STK7308 IX0308C
STK73410 STK73410
STK7348 STK73410MK2
STK73907T STK73908
STR4090 IX0256
STR41090 IX0512CEZZ
STR5041 STR5041G
STR5041T STR5041G
STR52100A LA7831
STR5241 STR5241G
STR54041 STR53041
STR83145 STR81145
STRD5441 IX1148
STRS6706 STRS6707
STV9379 TDA8179
TA6282K KIA6282K
TA7070P LA1364
TA7137 LA3210
TA7137P BA333
TA7137P KA2220
TA7137P LA3210
TA7176AP AN241
TA7176AP CA3065
TA7176AP HA1125
TA7176AP KA2101
TA7176AP LA3165
TA7176AP LM3065
TA7193P CA2151
TA7232P KIA7232
TA7242P LA1385
TA7242P KA2130A
TA7242P UPC1031H2
TA7250BP KA22101
TA7267P KIA7267P
TA7280P TA7281P
TA7281P TA7280P
TA7283AP KA22062
TA7283AP KIA7283AP
TA7288P KA8306
TA7313AP AN7112
TA7313AP KA2212
TA7313AP LA4140
TA7342P AN7421
TA7342P KA2264
TA7347P KA8402
TA7348P KA8403
TA7358P AN7205
TA7358P KA22495
TA7358P LA1185
TA7375P LA3161
TA7417 KA2228
TA7604 AN7410
TA7604 BA1330
TA7604 HA11227
TA7604 KA2261
TA7604 LA3361
TA7613AP A283D
TA7613AP HA12402
TA7613AP KA22402
TA7613AP TDA1083
TA7640AP DBL1011
TA7640AP KA22471
TA7658P LA3220
TA7666P KA2281
TA7668 KA2913A
TA7668BP KA22261
TA7680AP KA2914A
TA7698AP KA2154
TA7705P DBL1045
TA8127F KA2292D
TA8205AH KA22102
TA8207K KA22065
TA8207K TA7282
TA8210AH KA22103
TA8210AH KIA6210AH
TA8210AH KIA6210AH
TA8215AH MC13309T
TA8215AH TA8221
TA8427K TA8403K
TA8445K TA8423K
TBA120U A223D
TBA120U SN76622
TBA120U U223
TBA121-2 U2840B
TBA229-2 U2829B
TBA820M KA2201
TBA950 A250D
TBA950 TBA950-2
TC9153AP KA2250
TD62003P KID65003P
TD62105P M54517P
TD62506 LB1216
TDA1034 NE5534
TDA1060 B260D
TDA1060 NE5560
TDA1060 SE5560
TDA1078 NE5539
TDA1083 A283D
TDA1083 KA22424
TDA1083 TA7613
TDA1170N KA2136
TDA1170N TDA1175
TDA1180P KA2137
TDA1190P TDA3190XP
TDA1516BQ TDA1518
TDA1517 TDA1519B
TDA1518BQ TDA1516
TDA1519 TDA1517
TDA1519 TDA1519B
TDA1519B TDA1519
TDA1520A TDA1520B
TDA1524A A1524
TDA1550 ZTK33B
TDA1552Q TDA1553Q
TDA1553Q TDA1557
TDA1554Q TDA1558Q
TDA1670A TDA1675
TDA1670A TDA1675A
TDA1675 TDA1670A
TDA1870 TDA1670A
TDA1870 TDA1675
TDA1904 TDA1905
TDA2006 TDA2030
TDA2040V TDA2050
TDA2040V TDA2051
TDA2050 TDA2051
TDA2590 TDA2591
TDA2590 TDA2593
TDA2591 TDA2593
TDA2593 A255D
TDA2822M KA2209
TDA3541 TDA3540
TDA3541 TDA8341
TDA3560 TDA3561
TDA3563 TDA2563A
TDA3651A TDA3653C
TDA4173 TDA8177
TDA4210 U4985
TDA7021T KA22429D
TDA7313D PL7313D
TDA7350A TDA7353
TDA7360 TDA7363
TDA7384 PAL003A
TDA8170 TDA8172
TDA8170 TEA8170
TDA8172 TEA8172
TDA8175 TEA8170
TDA8179S STV9379FA
TDA8215B TDA8215B
TDA8395P M52325
TDA8403K TA8403K
TDA8403K TA8427K
TEA1007 U2008B
TEA2014 A2014D
TEA2025B KA2206
TEA2025B LA4182
TEA2025B LA4183
TEA2261 IX1179GE
TEA8170 TDA8170
TL494 KA7500
TL494 MB3759
TL494 TA76494
TMP47C434N-R214 QSMQAOZT-015
TMP47C634N-R514 QSMQAOZT-016
TMS3450 LM8560
U410B TDA1083
U4119B TDA1072A
U4439B TDA4439
U4606B TEA5040
U4647B TEA5040
U4985B TDA4210
U8007D SAB3021
U8060B TDA3560
UC3845 KA3845
ULN2204 TDA1083
ULN2244 UA758N
UM86409 MM53200N
UM91210C LC7360
UPC1028 TA7130P
UPC1032 LA3160
UPC1093C HA17431
UPC1093C LA1385
UPC1093C TA7212
UPC1165 KA2213
UPC1186 LA3160
UPC1225 UPC1270
UPC1238 TDA2006
UPC1238 TDA2030
UPC1242H UPC1241
UPC1251 LM358N
UPC1263C KA2214
UPC1288V UPC1335
UPC1320 BA1320
UPC1335B NEC895
UPC1353C KA2102A
UPC1366C KA2912
UPC1379C KA2133
UPC1414 KA2913A
UPC1534 HA11744
UPC2002 TDA2002
UPC251 MC1458N
UPC547J TAA550
UPC587 MC1310P
X24C01 AT24C01
X24C44 CAT24C44
X24C44 PDH004
X24C44 S-24H45
X24C44 S-24S45
XA055 TDA3530
XC401007P ZC40107P
XC488AO BA6353S